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The Second-stage Constructions for Factory

The second-stage constructions of Hichain Group have come into operation in Zhaoqing factory. This program uses the reserve zone to expand, including workshop, office building and dormitory. They are considered finished in 2013. We depend on our management idea of innovation and development, strictly take the standards of friendly-environment and low noisy to construct. After these constructions, we will have the base to further our production efficiency and increase the ability to produce high quality products. This is an important and great step to face the situations both in home and aboard. In order to improve the business environment, we decide this action which also shows the rule of continuous investment and invests in stage of our company.



In near future, Hichain Group will actively bring out self-developed products to enter the international market. In order to better dealing with many difficulties in this section, we will invest more efforts to achieve the aim of sustained development. We hope our company can be a responsible and sacrifice one which also has high intelligence and high goals.



Technical advantages--emphasized in the research and development, take the self-develop as the main way and widely promote idea exchange and cooperation at the same time, for sure the technology and innovation of our products can be a leading status.



Product advantage-- our company has passed the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2000 international quality management system



The products meet the RoHS certification of SGS and meet the requirements of REACH and WEEE in EU and CCC in China.


VDE certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, CQC from Companywide Quality Control, the certification of CE,


UL&CUL certification from Underwriter Laboratories Inc


Cost advantage-our company has a integrate production chain from copper wire- pvc compound-wire and cable –harness, promise

our factory is a true international specialized manufactory.








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