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Mid-autumn Festival Party and Birthday Party for Staff

 It comes anther mid-autumn festival, we get together to have a congratulation for this beautiful moon night.

The mid-autumn festival just is in the corner, Hichain prepared a party for our staff and invited brothers and sisters to spend a happy and sweet night.

Around the moonlight and Sweet Osmanthus Flower scent, we sang songs and danced, missed our families from all over China, in our common home-Hichian to sing the efforts we have approached in this season.

In this party, we also prepared many games like lantern riddles.

At the same time, we had a birthday party together for 9 people in our company, to wish they have a good day and happy birthday!

Come to Hichain, we have our own dream;

Come to Hichain, we feel our own power;

Come to Hichain, we share our enjoyment and expect a happy future;

We shared the moon and happiness to wish all of us will have a good mid-autumn festival and happy forever!

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