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Hichain has participated in the processing trade Fair of China for 2012

The Processing Trade Fair of China was hold in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie Street, Dongguan city on 16th, Sept. 2012. The exhibits involved small domestic appliances, air conditioners, mobile communication, lighting, sounds, battery supply, computers and digital appliances, mechanical and electrical equipment and other consumer electronics products. This fair aims to encourage enterprises to enhance the ability of self-dependent innovation in the stage of research and development, design and producing craft, and promote enterprises to have transformation and upgrading.


In the afternoon 18th, Sept., the administration of Dongguan has held the news conference, and announced that the intentional traded value have broken the 687.3 millions in 3 days. According to statistics, there were 72000 people to visit, including 10000 special buyers from 5000 companies from all over the world. Just the contract of intention between Shandong Jiajiayue and T-mark has reached 70 million Yuan.



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